Fantasy Poker Manager


Fantasy Poker Manager is a social game that resembles fantasy sports leagues, based on the international live tournament poker circuit. Users create their own team of poker players, and can then challenge their friends teams. Scoring is based on the poker players results during designated events and the Global Poker Index. In the end, the user whose team has performed better wins.

Fantasy Poker Manager is free to play and is available on Facebook and via a special app. For questions or support, please email


The Global Poker Index is a modern system for ranking the top 300 live poker players in the world based purely on their most recent and current performances rather than winnings. GPI makes use of a unique, patent-pending method for calculating poker player standings, and is constantly updated. In addition, players who place on the GPI can qualify for special VIP rewards. To learn more about the Global Poker Index and how it works, view our About The Rankings page.