The Fantasy Poker Manager is a game that allows you to draft a set of real professional poker players playing in real events into your own personal virtual poker team, where you are the Fantasy Poker Manager of the team. You start with an available budget of 1,000,000 credits, which you use to build up your team of players. You can draft up to 10 players on your team. You can add and drop players between events, as long as you don’t pick more than 10 for your team and you stay in your available budget. After accomplishing a few achievements, you can grow your team to 12.

Once your team is drafted and the countdown to start the event is up, your team is locked for that event. You can always check to see who is playing by clicking on the “My Team” tab.

After one event begins, you can decide if you want to make any changes for the next event to keep scoring points!

Goal of the game

The Fantasy Poker Manager lets you compare yourself to the top pros and other Fantasy Poker Managers around the world and to set up leagues with your friends and have fun seeing who the best Fantasy Poker Manager is.


A League is where you find out if your team is better than the rest. When you set up your first team you are automatically placed in the GPI League with all of the other Fantasy Poker Managers. You can also set up your own private leagues with your friends or join other leagues that your friends have already set up. Each League is a contest among all of the teams in that League for the Events that are chosen for the League. If you finish at the top of your League, you know that you are the ultimate Fantasy Poker Manager.

Points Scoring

Player points are awarded based on real poker players competing in real poker events finishing in the money. The number of points awarded is calculated based on what position the player finishes, how many people played in the event and the size of the buy in for the event. If a player finishes “in the money”, they will score points for your team. The better the player does, the more points they will score for your team. Your team score is the total of all the points each of your players earns. As long at the player is on your team and the event is part of your Fantasy Poker Manager League, the points they score count for your team.

Captain option

For every event in the game you have the possibility to choose a captain among the players of your team. Your captain's points in the corresponding event will be multiplied by two. The option is available directly from the player box and will cost you 2,000 loyalty points per event. 

Team Value

A player’s value may change from day to day or week to week depending on the player’s rank on the Global Poker Index combined to a popularity factor that can increase or lower the value of a player. The more popular your player is, the higher their value. Likewise, the less popular your player is, the lower their value. The Global Poker Index base prices for your players are set once a week, while the popularity factors with change each day. The total value of all your players is your team value.


There are 52 achievements that you can earn based on specific actions you can take as a Fantasy Poker Manger or when your team has a particular result in a contest. Each achievement rewards you with loyalty points when reached.

Loyalty Points

You are awarded Loyalty Points when you first join the Fantasy Poker Manager. You can earn additional Loyalty Points by winning challenges, answering correctly when playing the Poker Quiz, adding players to your team, removing players from your team, earning achievements, as well as a bonus every day you play the Fantasy Poker Manager.


An initial budget of 1,000,000 credits is awarded when you first joint the Fantasy Poker Manager. You can use this budget to draft your team of 1 to 10 players. More credits can be added either through exchange of Loyalty Points or by purchasing as many additional credits as you want in order to pick your dream team.


The Current Market Price of a player corresponds to the amount of credits that will be deducted from your budget if you decide to add that player to your team.

When you remove a player from your team, the amount of credits that will be transferred back to your budget corresponds to the “Current Market Price” of the player minus a 5% Agent Fee for making the trade.

Depending on the initial price that you paid for the player, you can either gain or lose credits on a transaction.

Current Market Price

A player’s Current Market Price is set daily based on a combination of the player’s GPI rank, which is set one time each week, and the popularity of the player in terms of how many other teams have been adding or dropping a player from their team. A premium is placed on very popular players while a discount is placed on players who are not very popular with other teams. The overall price is 80% based on GPI price and 20% based on the popularity factor.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is accessed by clicking on the Countdown Clock. It lists upcoming events that you can compete in as well as the players who are confirmed to attend the event. Typically the deadline to register your team is when Day 2 of the event starts, so you can take advantage of the Day 1 activity to get your team set.

For some events, chip counts may be available at the end of Day 1. For events with multiple Day 1’s, players may be identified by the Day 1 that they participated in (Day 1a, 1b, etc) to help you identify who has made it through to Day 2.

My Team

  • In the My Team section, you can add up to 10 players to your team with the ability to unlock up to 2 extra players. To unlock the 11th player, you need to “Like” the Fantasy Poker Manager Facebook page. The 12th player will be unlocked once you have earned 20 achievements
  • You will also find the active teams you have playing here as well as links to your prior teams in past events

Market Place

In the Player’s Marketplace, you will find all kinds of useful information to help you set up your team including

  • Upcoming events listing confirmed players
  • Current GPI Rankings
  • Points scored in past events
  • Twitter feeds for players 

You will also find out who is hot and who is cold in the Player’s Marketplace and see what other Fantasy Poker Team Managers are doing with their teams. In addition, you will find

  • The Top Scorers over the last 30 days
  • The Most Drafted in the last 30 days
  • Hot Players
  • New Players available to draft
  • Player’s whose values are going up
  • Player’s whose values are going down

Leagues and Rankings

The Leagues and Rankings tab contains everything you need to know about the Leagues you are in and the Ranking you have in them. You can also create your own private leagues here and invite your friends to play with you.

  • The GPI League includes all teams and shows your total score accumulated since you registered your very first team and your ranking since the beginning of the league on January 20th 2013. The additional tabs show your score and ranking history by tournament for the last 4 tournaments
  • My Leagues shows the rankings and results of all the leagues that you created and/or joined, both open and password protected
  • Official FPM Leagues shows special leagues created by the Fantasy Poker Manager administrator, both open and password protected
  • Private Leagues are all of the leagues created by other managers that you can join if you have a password or invitation from them to join
  • Create your own private league: Choose a name for your league, a password and a calendar of tournaments that you want to include to your league. The score of your team in only those tournaments will count for that league. You can invite your friends to join your league with the “Invite” button when you create the league or give them the password directly.
  • Only future points will count for Leagues that you join after an event has started. Once you have joined a League, all new points count towards the League, but you cannot carry points into a new League with you.

Final Table Bets

For most of the events featured in the events calendar, you will have the possibility to place bets on the final 3 players once the final table is set. Bets are placed in loyalty points (LP) and will reward you as follows:

- Bet on 3rd place correct but 2nd and/or 1st wrong: you win your Bet x5 in LP + an extra 20% of the points scored by that player

- Bet on 2nd place correct but 3rd and/or 1st wrong: you win your Bet x5 in LP + an extra 20% of the points scored by that player

- Bet on 1st place correct but 2nd and/or 3rd wrong: you win your Bet x10 in LP + an extra 20%  of the points scored by that player

- Top 3 in the wrong order (+ prize of the bet on the correct place if applicable): your win your bet x15 in LP + an Extra 20% of the 3 Players' points scored

- Top 3 in the right order: you win your Bet x50 in LP + an Extra 20% of the 3 Players' points scored


Challenge your friends to see who is the best Fantasy Poker Manager. You can bet loyalty points against your friends on the results of your teams in upcoming events and see who has picked the best team.

There are 4 different bets you can make:

  • My Team will score more points than Your Team at the next event
  • My Team will have more players in the money than Your Team at the next event
  • My Team will have the best ranked player compared to Your Team in the next event
  • My Team will have at least one player in a final table

The minimum bet is 100 Loyalty Points. If you win the challenge, you collect the total amount of the bet (your bet plus your friend’s bet). If there is no winner, you both get the amount of the bet back. If you make a challenge and your opponent does not accept before the beginning of the event, you will automatically get a refund for your 100 Loyalty Points.

You can choose to be challenged by your friends only, or by anybody playing the Fantasy Poker Manager in the game settings.

Poker Quiz

Win loyalty points by challenging yourself to the Poker Quiz.

Every question costs 100 Loyalty Points to play, and you can win up to 500 Loyalty Points with a correct answer. The quicker you give the right answer, the higher the number of Loyalty Points you can win. You can play the Poker Quiz up to 10 times every 24 hours.